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About Us


The Restaurant

Pucquio humbly pays homage to the ancient traditions of the Peruvian cuisine. Our aspiration is to share
the passion that has been evident in many generations of masters whose culinary jewels can be considered some of the finest examples of Peruvian artistry. 
We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality indigenous ingredients, as well as the freshest local meats, seafood, and produce. We are also conscientious of using hormone-free and non-GMO ingredients for our continually evolving, seasonal menus. 

Years ago we had the pleasant opportunity to start a small project called Allpa Culinaria in our desire to share with people, close to us, the great experience of Peruvian cuisine, but gradually Allpa stopped being a small project to become the source of inspiration joy and more and more people like us. Enjoy a good meal in a nice place with a good company. Thus, after much work and effort, Pucquio saw the light for the first time and with the same enthusiasm with which we began our first project, continuing to provide you with the best Peruvian food, day after day, looking to improve and innovate but still with the same human value and inspiration that is behind each preparation.

Enjoy the Peruvian cuisine at its finest, welcome to Pucquio.


Our Kitchen


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