5337 College Av. Oakland CA 94618  
T: (510) 658-7378

Fresh and Authentic Peruvian experience.

Pucquio humbly pays homage to the ancient traditions of the Peruvian cuisine. Our aspiration is to share the passion that has been evident in many generations of masters whose culinary jewels can be considered some of the finest examples of Peruvian artistry.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality indigenous ingredients, as well as the freshest local meats, seafood, and produce. We are also conscientious of using hormone-free and non-GMO ingredients for our continually evolving, seasonal menus.

We invite you in for a fresh and authentic Peruvian experience.

At Pucquio, the tiny high-end Peruvian spot located in the former Guest Chef space, I ate what was perhaps the best cebiche of my life. The components were classic: raw shrimp and fish, whole squid, chunks of sweet yam, a fiery rococo chili emulsion, lime juice, and buttery-tasting corn nuts. But I haven’t encountered many cebiches in which the seafood was so uncommonly fresh......Read more

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